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Hi, my name is Cristhian Rodriguez. I'm a freelance media producer and photographer based iN TEGUCIGALPA, honduras.

Media producer and photographer

Creating content was always my hobby, now there has come the time in which I want to
share the passions I have and the work I love to do.

Hi there! My name is Cristhian Rodriguez. I am a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and Psychology, with intensive experience in the media production field. I graduated from University of The Ozarks in 2023 and I was born and raised in Honduras, a little country in Central America. Since very little, I got really interested in the world of media production, first playing as a cameraman when I was eleven years old, and after that, creating my first short films, practicing video edition and creating content for my YouTube channel.

With this, an interest in photography also grew. I always wanted to have a professional camera, but since it was too expensive for me at the time, I had to practice photography and composition with my phone.

The CDRB Company is a concept that has lively been in my heart and mind since 2011, more than ten years ago. I always dreamed to have this project, as well as CDRB Productions and do amazing things and exploit my creativity through photography and audiovisual content creation. CDRB Stands for Cristhian David Rodriguez Bonilla, my full name.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” —Mark Twain

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Photography categories I love to explore and cover

Portrait photography

This is my favorite photography style of all. Trying to capture human emotions, freezing special moments and occasions. Also, I love to help people get a professional headshot for their profile on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.

Landscape photography

I love doing this type of photography because that way I can capture a moment of something that my eyes were looking at that time. I love doing photography outside, explore my surroundings, enjoy the moment while capturing it.

Nature photography

Portraying nature is an incredible way to relief from stress from time to time. Maybe not the photography type I cover the most, but one that I enjoy doing. From animals to plants, exploring this type of photography is something I enjoy.

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