My interest in photography

I like all types of photography categories: street photography, landscape, nature; but I love one the most: portrait. I love portraying emotions, feelings, actions, everything from the humanistic perspective.

Since I was eleven years old, with an old Sony Cybershot compact camera that I still own, I started taking photos, playing as a cameraman, and my interest in photography and video just grew with the time.

Take a look to my work in portrait by clicking the image. Also, explore my other interests in photography below.

Photography categories I love to explore and cover

Portrait photography

This is my favorite photography style of all. Trying to capture human emotions, freezing special moments and occasions. Also, I love to help people get a professional headshot for their profile on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.

Landscape photography

I love doing this type of photography because that way I can capture a moment of something that my eyes were looking at that time. I love doing photography outside, explore my surroundings, enjoy the moment while capturing it.

Nature photography

Portraying nature is an incredible way to relief from stress from time to time. Maybe not the photography type I cover the most, but one that I enjoy doing. From animals to plants, exploring this type of photography is something I enjoy.