Since I was eleven years old, I started to play with an old Sony Cybershot compact camera, and since then, my interests for audiovisuals has grown every year.

I do short films, I produce them and edit them. I also have produced several podcasts and a radio show that was awarded with a national award in 2023.

I graduated from a college in the U.S. in 2023, with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and Psychology.

CDRB stands for the initials of my full name. The CDRB Company is a project that I dreamed for since 2011, and I am finally able to materialize it.

In the area of photography, I love almost every category, but I think my favorite is portrait, so if you are in the Greenville, SC area or in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, I'd love to create photos for you and any special moment or event in your life.

For an extended version to get to know about me a little bit more, read this article.


The CDRB Company is a project that first started in my mind in 2011. Back then, I did not have any intentions to materialize it. I mean, I was only eleven years old by that time.

The first time I used the concept of "The CDRB Company" was to create its logo on the back of my notebooks when I was in school. It was not nearly as close as the logo is right now, but I have to say... I love this new logo.

The CDRB Company started to have a better shape when I started doing my first short films back in 2014. There, I used my "CDRB" or "CDRB PRODUCTIONS" tagline. From there, it has all lead to this moment.

Now, I want to use this platform to gather all my projects in order to pursue a career in Media Production. I have deep interests in filmmaking, podcast and radio production, and TV and vlogging style content. The CDRB Company will serve as a platform to encompass every single project I do from now.