Welcome and extended about me

A welcome to my website and a extended about me page in case you're a little bit more curious about me.


Cristhian Rodriguez

5/19/20232 min read

Hi! This blog will serve as an extended, and more personal section. The CDRB Company brand has the word 'company' in its name, mostly for branding reasons, but certainly, the person behind it is me, and I AM a PERSON (and no, I am not generating this content out of ChatGPT).

Hopefully, in these blog entries I can keep updated on situations or projects I am working on, or like this first one, to get to introduce myself a little bit more, because although I have the section of "About me", it ends up being too short for my taste.

Let me introduce myself; my name is Cristhian David Rodriguez Bonilla (hey, now you know where CDRB comes from!). I am from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I am 22 years old to the date I'm publishing this and my birthday is on September 28. Since I was very young, I started to play as a cameraman with an old Sony Cybershot camera that I used to grab without my dad's permission. Playing with the camera started to create an interest on me in things such as photography and video. I produced some really bad short films hahaha, but that also ignited my interests in studying something related to those interests.

My journey to study what I loved had many obstacles, and I even did one semester of Computer Science Engineering, something I was not as interested in as I was for the media and audiovisual world. After that semester, I quit that university because I got the opportunity to study abroad in the U.S. with a scholarship.

I studied Communication Studies and Psychology, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and Magna Cum Laude honors. In my time at the University in the United States, I had the chance of getting more involved with the media field, with experience in media production, photography, and radio & podcast production. I received a national award for my radio show called Latino Fusion in 2023, in the category of Best Foreign Language Show in the United States. Besides communications, I studied Psychology, something that when I first came to the United States was not in plans

Finally, this 2023 I decided to go all for all, and I decided I wanted to be more professional about my personal brand, and take more seriously interests such as photography. I bought my first professional camera, a dream I had since long time ago, and also created this website to showcase all my work.

And then, you are here. Hopefully reading this :)

Take care,